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Side Cushions | Cotton Dark Blue

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Set of 2 side cushions, 25 X 60cm, cotton dark blue

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  • Made with recycled cotton – offcuts from the fashion industry – this double-brushed fabric is eco-friendly and water- and energy-saving. Soft, smooth and chic with a feelgood factor, our cotton side cushion is a great addition to your Cozmo sofa.

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    80% Recycled Cotton, 20% Acrylic
    European duck feathers

    Our cotton fabrics are treated with a clever stain-resistant fabric finish to repel everyday spillages allowing any stains to be spot cleaned.
    For most stains, such as tea, coffee or wine, simply blot the spill with kitchen paper, spray with a little water and blot again until the stain has gone completely before drying with a soft, colour-fast cloth. For mud, chocolate, cake or ketchup, remove any residue with a spoon before blotting and spraying as above. For persistent stains, apply a little white household soap to the area before blotting and spraying as above.

    25 X 60cm

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