At Cozmo, we’re passionate about changing the relationship between a furniture brand and its customers

We want to create furniture that is made for you and your needs – today, tomorrow, forever… and we’re committed to enhancing the experience through innovation and design.

Love your Cozmo

Making furniture that lasts is important in this ever-changing world, but that isn't enough. Life changes, our needs change and our furniture must too, adapting to new style choices, so you can fall in love with it again and again.

Direct & Simple

We want to build an ongoing conversation with you: your feedback is the most important relationship we have as a direct-to-consumer brand. We believe buying and owning good products should be simple: free delivery, easy assembly and the ability to customize your product are all ways of ensuring an open and honest conversation with our customers.

Cozmo invites people to participate in the design process and express their personal style

We always try to invent something, whether it’s in the way you use it or in the way you make it

You'll fall in love with your sofa all over again

Made in the UK, the sofas look set to shake things up at the more affordable end of the market

We try to always invent something new"

a decisive detail in making a product that is beautiful, comfortable and fun

We want to be artists who invent the design principle

It's all about customisability, and the sofa brand Cozmo is currently leading the way.

Design Life

For us, design is more than just aesthetics or trends. Design is an approach to life and the development of products, starting from ergonomics and comfort, innovation, technology and creating a platform for new designers and new ideas.