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New Season Jacket Collection

New Season Jacket Collection

100% recycled fabrics in new earthy tones: Meadow, Henna & Natural

100% recycled fabrics in new earthy tones: Meadow, Henna & Natural

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Fast & Free Delivery

However big or small your order, we’ll deliver it for free within days and in boxes for stress-free access.

100-Day Return Policy

We want you to love your Cozmo sofa as much as we do, that’s why we have a 100-day returns policy, so you can relax and get to know each other.

15-Year Guarantee

Our sofas are handmade in the UK from quality materials by experts, which is why we are happy to offer a 15-year guarantee.

Raw edges with cozmo sofa

Our superstar designers

Our designers, London based Raw Edges Studio, come with years of experience of working with the most celebrated design and luxury brands, bring Cozmo style, innovation and attention to detail.

Innovative sofa system

Cozmo sofa comes in small boxes for stress-free access. Assembling your sofa is equally quick and easy, thanks to our German Click-Fix technology.

Cozmo sofa maker

Quality and craftsmanship

Handmade to the highest standards in the UK by experts who are passionate about their work, Cozmo sofas combine quality with craftsmanship, using traditional and innovative materials, from FSC-certified wood to German-engineered fittings.

Comfort tech

Using a clever combination of memory foam and European duck feathers, Cozmo sofas provide the perfect balance of support and softness.