2024 Summer Interior Design Trends 2024

2024 Summer Interior Design Trends 2024

As the sun graces our doorsteps in warmth, the arrival of summer across the UK is finally here. Our thoughts are naturally turning to refreshing our indoor spaces and embracing the blend of indoor outdoor living by bringing elements in and keeping windows open wide. In design for Summer 2024, we find a beautiful fusion of comfort, sustainability and bold personal expression.

From the fun and functional love of plush furnishings to the playful revival of textured walls, there’s a style that will resonate with everyone who’s looking to refresh their living space this summer. These are the captivating trends shaping the world of interior design this summer. From the continued inclusion of timeless neutrals to the vibrant pull of maximalism, there's something to inspire every taste and preference.

Bigger and softer

With a nod to the lasting influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, certain comfort driven trends are still remaining popular. Interior experts continue to see a strong preference for larger, plush furniture pieces. Oversized sofas with big, soft cushions offer endless days of sink in comfort, making them a favourite choice for new additions to living spaces. Additionally, 'squishy' armchairs are making waves in new collection releases, serving as standout pieces within a room. Featuring low seats and deep backs in striking colours, combining a soft, inviting feel with a bold, statement look.

Sustainable material

As the push for environmentally friendly interior styling continues to gain momentum season after season, home owners are increasingly opting for natural materials in their furniture choices, valuing both their eco credentials and aesthetic appeal. For summer 2024, materials like cork paired with rust hues will dominate the natural palette. There's also a strong emphasis on raw materials such as stone, wood and grainy textures, offering an unrefined but still polished feel to the overall design. These alternative materials are set to become the standard for anyone looking to refresh their interiors this summer and beyond.

Textured walls

Textured walls are making a bold return in 2024, offering a fresh and unique approach to transforming interiors. While lime wash walls have taken the popularity vote in recent years, adventurous stylists are now pushing boundaries by experimenting with a variety of texturing techniques. This trend isn't about concealing imperfections; it's about making a statement. Textured walls can dramatically redefine a room's character, adding rustic charm or enhancing the depth of colour. Techniques such as comb, popcorn, orange peel, knockdown and sand swirl are all making a comeback, each bringing a unique flair to contemporary interior design.

Brown is the new in colour

Neutrals remain timeless and brown is emerging as a new favourite within this palette. This versatile shade complements virtually everything, exuding warmth and easily integrating into various personal interior styles. With many homes featuring wooden doors, frames, beams and more, brown is a classic, complementary colour that fits seamlessly in livable spaces and offers the unique freshness of updating a space. It's easily incorporated into traditional, older homes while also softening contemporary spaces by introducing familiar, comforting natural tones. Top stylists are increasingly choosing brown not just for floors and walls but also for furnishings, favouring it over creams or blues as the perfect alternative.

Boucle is here to stay

Cosy luxury is here to stay with a specific love for boucle. This soft and fluffy texture not only relaxes a room but also invites a sense of calm and unwinding, making it a top choice for new furnishings. Beyond the accent cushion, stylists are boldly using bouclé to make statements, covering entire pieces in this material. This choice shares a personal statement and passion of both luxury and aesthetic, making boucle as another lasting feature in interior design.

Straight with a curve

Sculptural curves are making a significant comeback. While the 70s conversation pit may not be making a full return to home design, its visual concept is resurfacing. This summer, expect to see big, cocooning curves taking centre stage in interior spaces. These large, sweeping statements in furnishings create inviting spaces for relaxation and foster open, engaging conversations.

Gorgeous greens

With a focus on natural tones and sustainable materials this summer, it's no wonder that greens are set to be a first choice. Brighter, more saturated shades are gaining favour, being placed everywhere from statement walls to furniture pieces. Green, associated with rebirth, renewal and vibrancy, evokes grounding and rejuvenating emotions while encompassing a sense of health and comfort. The abundant feeling of choosing green continues to bring joy to stylists and homeowners alike, contributing to spaces that feel alive and invigorating.


Maximalism without the stuff

The marmite interior trend choice of maximalism is taking a slight turn making a more flexible option for those who want to embrace the style without overwhelming their homes. Bold colours and striking wallpaper patterns are emerging as favoured methods to introduce elements of maximalism. Playful patterns are also highly sought after, allowing for personal and unique statements without crowding the space. Additionally, storage upgrades are gaining popularity as a means to showcase eclectic collections while maintaining organisation and some polished elements. This approach allows for maximalist flair without the need for excessive belongings.

For those looking to embrace a fresh look inspired by the trends of the summer season for 2024, there's a simple silver lining, many of these trends intersect harmoniously, offering a huge variety of creative possibilities. With brown as the new reigning champion of the neutral palette, its timeless appeal seamlessly aligns with the ethos and look of sustainability and environmental consciousness. This is a versatile choice that effortlessly complements various other styling elements. Whether incorporated into furniture selections or used to add depth and warmth to textured walls, brown lends an understated elegance to many different types of space.Similarly, the green is still high on the list for stylists, presenting a wealth of opportunities for creative expression. From choosing maximalist style wallpapers with beautiful botanical motifs to combining with vibrant greenery in plants, this hue not only adds visual interest but also evokes a sense of vitality and connection to nature. In doing so, green serves as a connecting thread, bringing together design elements and infusing spaces with a refreshing sense of the outdoors.

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