How to Choose The Best Sofa Fabric for Your Space

How to Choose The Best Sofa Fabric for Your Space

We understand that choosing the perfect sofa fabric isn’t just about style, it’s about being practical too. With plenty of options available and factors to consider, we’re here to guide you through the process of choosing the right material for your sofa or cozy armchair.

If you’d like to experience our fabrics firsthand before making your final decision order a free swatch box here.

What’s the best material for a sofa?

The best material for a sofa is the one that meets your unique needs and preferences. Whether you prioritise style, durability, or ease of cleaning, you’ll find the sofa customised to your needs and space. Still unsure where to start? We’re here to help!

Velvet Sofas

There’s nothing quite like the sophistication of a green velvet sofa (or blue velvet!) and this elegant fabric is soft yet hard-wearing, with a wonderful depth of colour. Highly versatile and timeless, a velvet sofa is easy to incorporate into traditional, contemporary or eclectic interiors, adding dimension to a room when mixed with other textures. Our stain-resistant velvet sofa fabric guarantees both a premium touch and stress-free living.

Recycled Cotton Sofas

Classic cotton is always a comfortable option and our soft natural cotton fabric is woven from 100% pre-consumer waste saved from landfill. Cotton’s soft texture provides a casual and relaxed living atmosphere, while its neutral canvas can easily be accessorised with cushions and throws to suit your style. If you’re looking for a classic look and an eco-friendly and easy-to-clean sofa fabric for everyday life, cotton fabric might be for you - a great choice in every sofa size including our 4 Seater Chaise sofa picture below.


Boucle Sofas

Next up are our Boucle fabric sofas, often celebrated for their timeless appeal and ability to add warmth and depth to any living space. The surface of the boucle fabric invites exploration and evokes handcrafted textile, a texture soft to the touch that adds warmth and character to the sofa. Boucle is not only a comfortable and elegant sofa fabric, but also a durable one, available in neutrals or our green boucle fabric.

Fleece Sofas

If your favourite part of the day is also curling up on your sofa at the end of the day, this might be the fabric for you. Inspired by outdoor activewear and wonderfully tactile, our fleece jacket adds instant warmth and softness to your sofa, providing a cosy and inviting seating experience. A fleece fabric sofa can be the key to your comfortable hygge space decor with its laid back charm and durable fabric.

Weave Sofas

The everyday living sofa standard for many, weave fabric makes a great addition to your Cozmo sofa and to your space. A simple yet elegant sofa fabric that complements a wide range of design styles, smooth to the touch and incredibly durable. Our weave material is easy to clean, making it one of your customer’s top choices and the best sofa fabric for pets! Available in a choice of neutrals such as our 2 Seater Light Grey Weave pictured below.

Do you like switching things up once in a while? Your Cozmo can change with you, our interchangeable sofa jackets give you the option to switch the fabric and colour of your sofa whenever you like. You can pick out different options to match or contrast with the base for a refreshed look and match it with some scatter cushions for your sofa.

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