Cozmo’s Spring 2024 Home Colour & Fabric Recommendations

Cozmo’s Spring 2024 Home Colour & Fabric Recommendations

Spring welcomes a wealth of new inspiration for interior design. With enjoyment coming from days becoming longer, seeing more natural light and beautiful flowers beginning to bloom, the atmosphere beckons us to make changes that feel fresh, light and bring us joy.

Whilst traditional thoughts draw us to pastels colours, like lavender and mint for spring, there are some other colour recommendations for 2024 you’ll want to know about. These contemporary palettes promise to breathe new life into home spaces, perfectly aligning with the spirit of the season. Check out the six spring colours your home needs for a refresh to match the season!

Blossom Inspired

The true marker of spring is the beautiful florals that bloom, lining the streets and parks across the country. Every year the event of new blossoms brings positivity and enthusiasm for the upcoming months. Taking this inspiration inside the home, subtle and soft pinks are on the rise for a renewal and brightness. After the many months of red trending, this change is a refreshing shift. Think sunkissed palettes and contrasts between these against blue skies. The concept being to create an airy and light atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone.

Instead of heading for traditional beiges, opt for a pink as an alternative or something with a pink undertone to add a contemporary touch to already balanced spaces. Pair pinks with off whites to simply incorporate this element. These accents will simply update and bring freshness into communal areas, like the addition of pink cotton.  If you’re looking to embrace and balance with off whites, effortlessly enjoy the freedom to change with the ecru boucle jacket with natural trim. Whilst pink feels soft, making it a central piece is bold and brings brightness, overall introducing happiness and joy to a space. 

Natural Neutrals 

Neutrals still remain an important choice in spring recommendations this year. Whilst there are hues that suit every season, natural neutrals are still prime choices for trends and longevity in any project. The quiet luxury beige trend of 2023 still remains popular, but for spring features brighter tones over warm and orange undertones. This is the ideal opportunity to experiment with the richness of fabrics. Cotton and boucle textures allow increased amounts of natural neutrals to work together without forfeiting the dimensional feel of a room. 

This spring think natural clays. Muted earthy tones are taking centre stage paired with complimentary light neutrals, making a divine and sophisticated palette. Introduce modern looks with clean lines by following this recommendation with colour touches from trims. Standing out this season is the cream fleece jacket with brick trim. Fleece is more than just deeply comfortable and the contrasting fabrics make a complimentary visual impact and striking impression for those who visit. 

Spring is all about having open spaces that react positively to fresh light streaming through windows. Bright neutral palettes open up spaces inviting fresh conversations in a crisp and refined setting. This natural neutral choice is simple and ideal for larger interior elements keeping things versatile and flexible for future changes. These fresh colours pair perfectly with the other colour recommendations for spring and beyond this season too.

3 Seater Cozmo Sofa Cotton Navy  with Cotton Navy  Jackets in living area of home

An All Blue Sofa

Blue is synonymous with serenity. Whilst naturally occurring in the sky on bright and glorious days, inside the home it’s a reminder of peace and quiet. Switching out item colours to blue this spring provides a fresh perspective and harmonises these calming feelings and promotes relaxation. Prominently placed in bedrooms and living rooms because of its calming impact, richer tones also prove polished and elegant in working spaces too. Top designers often introduce this shade through soft furnishings paired with highly textured neutrals for a significant visual impact.

For an all fresh start, the midnight blue velvet sofa is the perfect addition to the living room. Tone on tone combinations embody boldness in styling and reflect confidence. The soft fabric texture here in combination with the rich colour exudes sophistication with the calming influence that blues bring. From cloud watching to the sounds of streams and rivers, bringing blue into a room increases the desire to slow down and unwind. This addition to a home environment, especially as a feature, creates a sense of tranquillity. Working in harmony with other spring colours, this is the perfect recommendation to work into colour palettes this season.

Darks to Lights

Dark's dominating spaces have come to an end and are now overcome by brighter and lighter options after several years. This 2024 season is about where the placement of deeper tones is in relevant areas but foremost, it’s about choosing colours that bring joy and happiness. Spring brings the desire to have more openness within home environments and light palettes help keep things feeling spacious, new and fresh. The ideal reflection of spring comes from these lighter colours paired with personal favourites.

Choosing to bring depth to light spaces with elements like contrasting trims is the perfect way to bring balance and visual character, breaking up the lighter tones. Similarly, fabric choice is another excellent way to balance natural, light colours. By bringing together a variety of textures from woven fabrics to velvet, these can make a dramatic difference to the overall ambiance. Opt for spring colours paired with natural, light, unique fabrics like cream fleece with green trim for the perfect impact. 

Reimagined Pastels 

Every year at this time, pastels come back into the forefront of seasonal collections. It’s not broken; so it doesn’t need fixing. Pastels can make a soft and sophisticated addition when selected carefully. Opt for pairing these tones with materials and textures that accentuate richness to retain the value of the overall space.

This is also an ideal colour to work into a mixture of styles. Pastels strategically placed can create a considered and calculated contemporary theme. For those keen to experiment with mixing styles of different ages, like mid century modern and minimalism, a touch of these tones can exude overall personal style and authority in a setting. For those more reserved in their styling choices, choosing materials like cotton brings this colour into a space in a considered and elegant way. Whilst pastels might be delicate and soft, they can make a bold statement when styled perfectly.

1.5 Seater Sofa | Velvet Dark Green - Cozmo

 Natural Greens

Along with beautifully bright floral bouquets, soft green tones are also high on the list for colour choices for the season. A natural pairing that brings the essence of the garden into the home. The popularity of the traditional sage green is reducing and the focus returns to more natural greens that have been directly taken from evergreen flora, like pine or spruce trees. 

Promoting tranquillity and the mood boosting elements of Shirni Yoku, the Japanese practice of forest bathing for relaxation, greens are on the rise for their calming impact. Seeking the feeling of a spring breeze but indoors, these natural greens bring both depth and uplifting energy.

A rooted green can ground a space, like deliberately placing elements like scatter cushions in meadow green over bright neutrals, like ecru boucle. Green colours that are inspired by nature are characteristically long lasting, which makes them timeless throughout the rest of the year too.


Whether you’re interested in making seasonal changes to your home or making larger feature amendments for a longer period, each of these colour recommendations offers the opportunity for a personal expression of style. Whilst inspiration has been taken by the move to spring, these naturally influenced colours make ideal palettes for longer term commitment options. If you’re seeking a spring change, our quick-change jackets give you the option to switch the fabric and colour of your sofa, whenever you like. With different textures, textiles and colours, change the jacket to suit your style and the season anytime. Don’t forget to invite flowers into your main living spaces too, for the perfect spring feeling!


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