How to Style Earthy Toned Sofas

How to Style Earthy Toned Sofas

Earthy tones are colours inspired by natural elements. They encompass colours like brown, green, orange, red and yellow, offering a soothing and harmonious palette for interior design. Their popularity has steadily increased over time due to their calming and inviting qualities, making them a top choice for modern interiors.

An earthy toned sofa, such as a rust velvet sofa, can bring warmth and cosiness to a variety of living spaces. The rich hue adds a touch of this natural, calming essence, while the soft velvet texture creates an overall comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Earthy toned furniture works well in combination with other colours and textures, enhancing the interior vision and providing a grounded, tranquil ambiance.

What makes earthy tones timeless? 

What makes earth tones timeless is their connection to nature and their ability to create a soothing, grounded environment. A calming combination of warm henna through to ochre, can create a laid back yet cosy feel, perfect for those who want to emphasise comfort and tranquillity without the need to change this scheme over time.

From traditional to contemporary designs, earthy tones are one of the most versatile options with such an array of options within this palette, the tones effortlessly complement many different design styles making them a classic. Trends like organic modern and all brown everything, whilst trending has put them at the forefront of interior styling, have more appeal than the trends that exist for five minutes, as the colour choices are long lasting. The neutral ambiance that earthy tones have also allow them to work well with the introduction of bolder colours and patterns making them easily adaptable should a freshen up be desired, but overall, the tones will always be an in style choice.

What are the best earthy tones to choose for a sofa?

When selecting a sofa with a natural inspired palette in mind, the combination of colour and style can significantly influence the overall feel of the space. Light colours in soft materials create an airy and relaxed ambiance, enhancing the sense of openness and calmness in the room. On the other hand, bold, deep and warm colours offer a grounded and comforting impact, establishing a cosy, relaxed and inviting environment. The choice of all furniture pieces plays an important role in setting the mood and atmosphere of the space and the sofa is the main focal point of achieving the desired aesthetic.



A rich, warm hue that adds depth and cosiness to a space, especially when used in plush materials like velvet.


 This earthy, reddish-orange hue brings warmth and a touch of the Mediterranean to the overall impact of the space.


A muted golden-yellow colour, ochre adds a touch of sunshine and brightness to earth toned palettes.

3 Seater Chaise Corner Right Hand Sofa | Cotton Ochre - Cozmo

A deep, reddish-brown tone, henna brings richness and elegance to furniture pieces.


This versatile neutral shade, a mix of grey and brown, can complement a variety of design styles and other colours.

Chocolate brown

 A classic, deep brown hue that anchors a room and pairs well with various other colours.


A soft, warm neutral that serves as a versatile base for layering other colours and textures. A perfect choice for those interested in either softness from bouclé or the natural look of the weave.

How else can you incorporate earthy tones with your sofa? 

Another way to incorporate earthy tones is through hints of colour through trim choices. A combination of natural colours in this way offers a versatile, yet subtle, addition of colour. This gentle contrast in materials adds depth and interest, while still maintaining the soothing, natural inspired palette. This choice has the ability to tie together various elements in your space, creating a cohesive and balanced look that exudes warmth and style with the added professional styling edge.

Henna Cotton with Natural Trim

The rich, deep hue of henna cotton pairs beautifully with natural trim for a warm and elegant look. A combination that accentuates the earthy, red brown tone of the sofa while adding a hint of natural texture.

 Cream Fleece with Brick Trim

A soft, versatile cream fleece base contrasts with the touch of brick trim. This combination provides a subtle amount of colour, adding warmth and character to the sofa without being overpowering.

Ecru Weave with Natural Trim

The neutral ecru weave paired with natural trim offers a classic, understated look for those who want elegance and simplicity. The gentle contrast between the textures of the weave and trim adds a touch of sophistication to a room in this natural palette.

What is the best way to incorporate other earthy tones in interior designs?

Layer textures

Combining different textures is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of these colours whilst adding visual interest. Choices like wood, stone and woven fabrics add depth and interest to a space full of earthy tones.

Complementary accents

Pairing earthy tones with neutral colours like cream, beige or even grey can create a balanced look. Alternatively, adding vibrant accent colours for a pop of contrast can completely change the feel of the space and introduce a fresh personal flair to styling.

Natural materials 

To match the feel of the earthy colour palette, the choice to Incorporate materials like wood, leather and rattan becomes complimentary. This emphasises the organic feel of the space further encouraging the benefits of calm and tranquillity.

Soft furnishings

Choosing rugs, curtains and cushions in earthy shades matching larger design elements, like a sofa, in the space can enhance the overall aesthetic. These soft furnishings will help tie the room together and create a cohesive look.


Adding greenery to your earthy toned decor can increase the natural ambiance and introduce a fresh touch. Houseplants will complement the earthy palette while bringing life and vibrancy to the space.


The popularity of earthy tones comes from their ability to create grounding, serene home living spaces that suit a range of design styles, from traditional to contemporary. Whether layering textures, choosing complementary accents or incorporating natural materials, earthy tones provide a neutral backdrop that can be easily adapted to suit personal style.

By combining earthy shades with other design elements, a cohesive and tranquil ambiance can be achieved, ideal for creating a haven to return to after a long day at work. With an emphasis on comfort and tranquillity, from the soft furnishings to houseplants, earth tones seamlessly blend into any space, creating a welcoming atmosphere that stands the test of time. 

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