When Having an 'X' is a Good Thing

When Having an 'X' is a Good Thing - Cozmo

The global market has seen a boom in innovation in recent decades. Kitchens are laden with apple corers, bathrooms with multipurpose hair tools, and bedrooms with silk pillowcases. Nearly everything has been covered, and this is where collaborations come into play.


When two brands come together with the signature ‘x,’ this indicates that you will see a product that has never been done before. While it may seem like just another shirt or accessory to the average consumer, there is so much more to these products. They represent hours of brainstorming, teams of designers weaving ideas together, and desires to bring something new to the market.


Creating these collaborations allows both brands to broaden their customer bases and customers to broaden their brand awareness. Collaborations between your favorite brands also allow you to expand a piece of your personality across various areas of your life. Whether it be a Dolce & Gabbana toaster, a Prince-inspired eye shadow palette, or a Dior pair of Air Jordan sneakers, products developed within a cross-stream of tastes and audiences are the newest “it” piece for your home.


Collaboration Dolce & Gabbana x Smeg

Dolce & Gabbana x Smeg Citrus Juicer, Source: Vogue


 One collaboration that shocked the fashion world was between Louis Vuitton and Supreme. Despite covering two opposite ends of the fashion spectrum — luxury and streetwear — the collection was a success among both audiences as it seamlessly merged their aesthetics.


Collaboration Louis Vuitton x Supreme
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Fall/Winter Show 2017, Source: Getty Images


 Other companies have developed collaborations to bring new products to the table they know their audience will love, including Uber and Spotify. These two companies share a wide audience and took advantage of this by creating a feature in the Uber app where a rider can connect to Spotify to create a playlist for the trip while waiting for the driver to arrive, becoming the DJ of the trip. This collaboration received a lot of coverage from media and customers alike because it gave customers a new way to enjoy two of their most commonly used apps.


H&M falls in a more central zone in which the brand collaborates with both famous designers and popular figures who appeal to the wide majority of their target audience. In 2004, H&M had its first designer collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. This collection sold out in minutes due to its ability to bring designer products down to a more accessible level, bringing huge success to both H&M and Lagerfeld. More recently, H&M collaborated with Ariana Grande in 2019 to create a line of apparel using imagery from Grande’s new Sweetener album for her summer tour. This collection brought Ariana Grande’s audience to H&M stores worldwide to buy her merchandise.


collaboration H&M x Ariana Grande Sweetener Merch
H&M x Ariana Grande Sweetener Merch, Source: H&M


 Being able to expand your market and cater to the market you currently cover are two great benefits of collaborating with other brands, fashion designers, and public figures. Here at Cozmo, we plan to develop our collaborations with well-known brands, fashion designers, and public figures — as well as graphic designers, artists, and craftspeople — to provide you with a diverse array of innovative toppers for your sofa. With new topper colors and designs inspired and created by people you admire, you can seamlessly bring various parts of your personality into your space.


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