The Era of Customisation: The Impact of Personalised Products

The Era of Customization: The Impact of Personalized Products - Cozmo

In a world where individualistic expression is celebrated, product customisation has become important for brands to incorporate. The demand for personalised experiences is driven by a newfound desire to stand out and be unique. Brand customisation strengthens the relationship between the business and consumer by inviting the customer to be partners in the creation of products. Customisation offerings also create greater customer loyalty and satisfaction, generate more sales, give businesses a competitive advantage and increase customer engagement. 


Recent advances in technology such as 3-D printing, augmented reality and data transmission have made customisation possible. Businesses are able to have virtual studios where individuals can see their design come to life in real-time. These interactive studios help build trust that the product consumers are designing is what they are getting. The increase of trust in purchasing goods online and the rise of online shopping contribute to this trend. 


Brands that know customisation 



Nike was one of the first brands to introduce customisation and personalisation options to their brand. In 1999, the company launched Nike ID, now called Nike By You, which started by giving customers the ability to select from different colors and materials for their shoes. Today, Nike By You allows customers to design their own Nike shoes and clothing through online and in-person studios. Individuals can select the sub-category of shoe they want to design, gaining design inspiration from other customers or from famous athletes. 


Customising one-of-a-kind shoes or clothing items builds a connection between the individual and Nike. Allowing customers to personalise their favorite Nike items creates an attachment and ownership feeling of the product. 


Product Customization



In 2019, Apple began moving away from their main design principle, a one-size fits all design approach, with the launch of Apple Watch Studio. Complete with an interactive interface, consumers can pick the size, case and band they want for their watch, a change from the previous set watch and band combinations. With more than a thousand possible options, people are now given freedom to design exactly what they want, when they want it. Designing your own Apple Watch has flipped the narrative from Apple deciding what the watches should look like to letting the users determine this themselves. 


Apple’s gradual move away from its minimalist design approach could be a sign for future customisation options within their brand. 

Product Customization



In 2013, Ray-Ban launched their customisation initiative, Ray-Ban Remix, that allowed customers to design their own glasses. There are more than 250,000 potential combinations to design your own Ray-Ban sunglasses or eyeglasses. Individuals can customise the style, lens and colors of every aspect of the glasses to create a personalised product. 


Product Customization


The customer becoming the designer is a rising theme in industries across the world. Individuals crave customisation and personalisation in their products for a sense of ownership of their items. Cozmo knows the importance of self-expression and forging your own identity, which is why we created a sofa with changeable toppers, equipped for every occasion. 


Cozmo offers a variety of materials and colors for our sofa toppers, so you can pick one, or multiple, that best suit your lifestyle. The toppers are easily interchangeable, making the switch from each design effortless. With Cozmo, you are the designer. 



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