Light Grey Weave Jacket | Natural Trim

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Perfect for everyday living, the cotton weave jacket makes a great addition to your Cozmo sofa. Made from a clever combination of materials so that it’s smooth to the touch and incredibly durable, the fabric is easy to spot clean, making it child and pet friendly.

A jacket set contains multiple back and seat covers, according to the size of the sofa.

For example, when ordering a 3 seater sofa set you will receive 2 back jackets and 2 seat jackets.

    Model: 1.5 Seater Sofa Set


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    Interchangeable Jackets

    Mix colours and textures to suit your style and mood: dress it up, dial it down, our jackets let you update your look in an instant.

    Raw Edges Studio

    Our Superstar Designers

    Our designers, London based Raw Edges Studio, come with years of experience of working with the most celebrated design and luxury brands, bring Cozmo style, innovation and attention to detail.

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    Our sustainable approach

    Don’t replace it, update it

    Life changes and your Cozmo sofa can too; our motto is: don’t replace it, update it. With a change of jackets and a flexible system, Cozmo sofas can reinvigorate a tired space or adapt to a new one.

    Our sustainable story