Cotton branch


Make it last.

We could tell you about our FSC wood frames, our recycled cotton fabrics or our sustainable packaging, but our ‘big idea’ of sustainability is about creating a sofa that is built to last and designed to change with you, for many years to come. A sofa you fall in love with over and over again...

Sustainably produced

Cozmo sofas are made from sustainable materials and delivered in recyclable packaging. Our sofa frames are made from solid FSC-certified birch wood that has been harvested from a sustainably managed forest; FSC-certified forests are subject to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Most of our sofa fabrics are made from recycled cotton, using offcuts from the fashion industry that would otherwise have been discarded.

Don’t replace it, update it

Life changes and your Cozmo sofa can too; our motto is: don’t replace it, update it. With a change of jackets and a flexible system, Cozmo sofas can reinvigorate a tired space or adapt to a new one.

Sustainably designed

We designed the Cozmo sofa with durability and adaptability in mind.

The quality of the materials and construction make Cozmo a sofa that is built to last, which is why we offer a 15-year guarantee on the frame and a two-year guarantee on our fabrics, while its modular design can be reconfigured to suit your requirements, giving it a longer lifespan.