Award-Season Film Recommendations for Every Sofa Size

Award-Season Film Recommendations for Every Sofa Size

The film-loving minds behind your beloved brand have a little something to add to your cosy nights in. We have curated a list of our favourite 2023 award-winning masterpieces so you can enjoy your own cinema night from the pure comfort of your Cozmo.

Discover your ideal Cozmo fit below, and we'll guide you to the perfect cinematic companion.

5 Seater Sofa - Elemental

Mood: Family Bonding and Wholesome Fun

For those who revel in the spacious embrace of our 5-seater sofa, we recommend the heartwarming "Elemental" on Disney Plus. Gather your family or entertain friends in a cinematic celebration of family bonds and the magic within everyday moments. Sink into your Cozmo and create cherished memories with your loved ones.

2 Seater Sofa - Past Lives

Mood: Romantic Night In or Best Friends Sleepover

Indulge in an intimate setting with our 2-seater sofa as you explore the reflective and thoughtful "Past Lives." Whether it's a romantic night in or a best friends sleepover, lose yourself in the interconnected stories across time. Let the film be the ideal companion for your cosy moments, amplifying the comfort of your Cozmo.

3 Seater Sofa - Maestro

Mood: Invite Your Friend Who Loves Drama or Watch with Your Pet

Share the elegance and intrigue of "Maestro" with friends or enjoy the company of your pet on our spacious 3-seater sofa. This Netflix gem takes you behind the scenes of a brilliant conductor's life, adding an air of sophistication to your cosy get-togethers. Experience the drama, passion, and artistry directly from your cosy Cozmo.

Chaise Sofa - Killers of the Flower Moon

Mood: Lay Back and Immerse Yourself

If you find solace in your Chaise sofa, "Killers of the Flower Moon" is your perfect match. This atmospheric thriller, set against historical intrigue, will keep you on the edge of your Cozmo. Immerse yourself in its gripping plot and breathtaking visuals as you lay back and enjoy the cinematic suspense.

Armchair - NYAD

Mood: Inspirational Journey

For the cosy nook enthusiasts enjoying the 1.5-seater or an armchair, who like to read, journal or watching inspiring films - we recommend “NYAD." This Netflix film follows the incredible journey of a legendary swimmer. Let the waves of resilience and determination wash over you in the warm embrace of your Cozmo.
Embrace the comfort of your Cozmo, whatever the size, and let the magic of cinema fill your home with warmth and joy. See you on the red carpet!

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