Best of Milan Design Week 2022

Best of Milan Design Week 2022 - Cozmo

From June 6-12, the most prestigious of designers took to Milan to exhibit their work and give a glimpse of what's to come in the industry’s near future. We were lucky enough to have some of our team here at Cozmo over in Milan to experience it firsthand. Here are the most mesmerising of the exhibits that stood out to us the most. 


Danish textile brand Kvadrat partnered with designer and artist Alain Biltereyst to create Quotes, a collection of eccentric rugs and curtains. Kvadrat worked with Biltereyst by taking his art- inspired by city streetscapes, urban graphics, and modern day photography- to put his 2D works of art into a 3-dimensional, functional piece of home decor. Kvadrat’s creative director, Isa Glink, stated the importance of staying true to Biltereyst’s work amidst the collaboration of the two. “"We didn't want to just rip off the graphics, but to stay true to the sensitivity and soul of his work." The eclectic mix of monochrome bold colors, range of textures, and patterns makes this collection intriguing and unique. Quotes includes five different rug patterns, six curtain designs, and various stools matching the color palette of pink, yellow, royal blue, and forest green. The calming atmosphere creates an inviting space, and we think a Cozmo sofa in Cotton Dark Blue would fit in perfectly with these pieces. 

Kvadrat Milan Design Week 2022

Psychedelic Seating

As a spinoff of his existing furniture line entitled Flora, Lebanese designer Khaled El Mays created a psychedelic seating installation, featuring statement furniture pieces full of bright colors, funky patterns, and other bold appearances. Completely functional and modular, this seating display was definitely hard to miss. The exhibit was inspired by 70s architecture, interior design, and general Western lifestyles, which can be seen through the various patterns, neon colors, and abstract murals around the room.  El Mays spoke to Dezeen Magazine and told them that the project is “a psychedelic look at how the proportions of Flora got deformed”. 

Psychedelic Seating Milan Design Week 2022

Ghia Table Collection

Furniture brand Arper released their Ghia Table Collection at this year’s Design Week. Made from both naturally-sourced and human-made materials, their geometric patterns are inspired by the natural world around us. They are multipurpose, and come in varying natural toned colors of clay, forest green, oak, and more. The tables were designed to be either a focal point or functional piece of furniture, depending on the height chosen. The lower tables are intended to go with Arper’s line of seatware, which also maintains a lower height. The room for creativity and personalisation, while also maintaining a calm, tranquil ambiance is what makes these pieces so unique. 

Ghia Table Collection Milan Design Week

Louis Vuitton Installation

Lastly, the Louis Vuitton Installation was one of the most jaw-dropping of the week. As an ode to the past ten years of its existence, LV created the Objets Nomades exhibit, made up of collective and functional furniture. This exhibit celebrates a decade of functional design and abstract art, and is in collaboration with some of the top designers from around the world. In fact, one of the most unique pieces in the exhibit was designed by our very own Cozmo designers, Raw Edges. Entitled The Cosmic Table, it has a simple yet abstract base, with a thin layer of fiery red leather that adds a pop of color to any room. The glass disk that tops it off creates a serene look to the finished product. We are so proud of all that Raw Edges has accomplished, and their feature in the Louis Vuitton installation is a win all around!

Louis Vuitton Installation Milan Design Week 2022
Louis Vuitton Installation Milan Design Week 2022

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