Cool Interiors, Even In The Heat: The Best Fabrics For Hot Weather

Cool Interiors, Even In The Heat: The Best Fabrics For Hot Weather - Cozmo

While we’re big fans of getting outside and enjoying the sunshine when it rears its head, sometimes curling up at home on the sofa is the place to be. We’ve had some scorching weather here in the UK recently, so why not give you a heads up on the best lightweight fabrics to adopt into your decor for a cool, comfortable summer? Read on to find out which fabrics will keep you cool and collected while the heat is on.

It’s Not Just Your Skin That Needs Protecting From the Sun

We’ve all heard that our skin needs extra protection from the sun, but how about your furniture? If you’ve ever placed a sofa in front of the window, you’ll know how easily fabrics can bleach in the sun’s harsh rays, causing them to look unsightly. 

But if you’ve got nowhere else to place your designer sofa, opt for lighter-coloured fabrics. Darker fabrics absorb heat quicker, making your sofa uncomfortable to sit on during full sun. By choosing lighter shades, you can lounge all summer without a care.

Opt For Lightweight Fabric

When choosing summer furniture, opting for lightweight fabrics such as our cotton or weave blend fabrics are smart options for the summer, as their thinner density does not retain heat. For winter months, thicker velvets and luxurious fleeces will add much-needed warmth to a chilly home, and they come in a range of colours that complement the autumnal season.


The Benefits of Cotton, Mixed Fabrics and Linen

Cotton: Breathable cotton is a versatile choice, offering limitless designs and patterns. This non-allergenic material has a tight weave, which makes it a sturdy material that is resistant to pilling and withstanding the pressures of daily use. 

As an ethical retailer, we source our cotton from recyclable materials whenever possible and offer organic varieties to meet our customer’s needs. At Cozmo, our cotton is treated with a stain-resistant treatment to repel everyday spills, splashes, and messes.


A stain-resistant sofa for the hotter months? Yes, please!

Cotton Mix: Cotton mix is an umbrella term used for many fabrics, including microfibre, canvas, imitation leather, velour, satin and tweed, to name a few. We favour cotton mix for its weather and discolouration-resistant properties that make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


When cotton is combined with other fabrics, it creates a strong weave that can resist pet claws yet is still impossibly thin and breathable – the perfect lightweight staple for a hot summer’s day.

Linen: Linen is this summer’s must-have fabric, adding a clean and natural quality to your decor with its soft, floaty properties. It’s exceptionally breathable and airy, and as an antimicrobial fabric, it resists mildew, making it great for outdoor seating where wet towels, swimsuits and lemonade spills may occur!


Why Cozmo?

At Cozmo, a unique feature of our brand is our interchangeable jackets. Our line of recycled cotton and cotton mix jackets is perfect for hot summer days, and the interchangeability makes it easy to go from lighter linens to thicker fleeces as the seasons change.

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