4 interior trends

4 interior trends

As the world evolves, so do our attitudes towards homes. In 2023, with the pandemic behind us but economic concerns persisting, our approach to home design is adapting. Having reevaluated our domestic choices during lockdown, we now find ourselves back in the office, looking ahead.

One noticeable change in home design trends is the growing fascination with products and spaces that offer more than mere functionality. With the rising cost of living, people actively seek meaningful and engaging items and experiences that go beyond practicality. January's edition of Maison&Objet, themed "Take Care!", reflected this desire for purposeful design. It emphasizes wellness, natural materials, and rejuvenating experiences. This trend isn't just about creating visually appealing and functional spaces; it's also about preserving the beauty of life on Earth.

Here are a few trends identified by the Cozmo design team:

90s Neutrals

The prominent trend gaining momentum in 2023 is the resurgence of warm, '90s-style neutrals. The cool neutrals of the past decade are being replaced by kinder and warmer hues. This shift in the color palette reflects our post-pandemic emotional state and uncertain financial future. The focus on practical, versatile, and comforting neutrals conveys a desire to capture peace, optimism, and a sense of well-being in our rooms. Explore Cozmo's new 100% recycled cotton textile, now available in six colors, including Natural, Meadow, and the rising star Henna.

Raw Texture

The use of raw and natural materials is gaining increasing popularity in home design. Designers emphasize the natural qualities of materials and focus on natural cottons and textured weaves. In upholstery, this trend goes beyond organic materials as it highlights hyper-texturality and softness. Cozmo's best-selling super-textured fleeces have recently been enhanced with our spring textures, including boucle and textured weaves.



2023, sustainability continues to be a trend, with environmentally-friendly practices reaching new heights. The meaning of sustainability in today's world is being redefined. This includes not only the use of environmentally-friendly materials but also objet d'art and investment pieces that we aspire to cherish and collect for years to come. At Cozmo, we have designed The Cozmo Sofa with an interchangeable jacket system that allows for customization. Our philosophy is focused on crafting furniture that is both well-designed and well-made while remaining flexible to accommodate changing needs and evolving styles.


Green is arguably the accent color of choice in 2023. From grassy flooring to furniture in leafy hues, this color trend is prominent. Deep, moody greens like Green Smoke and Studio Green are gaining popularity, as well as emerald and sage tones. The growing interest in green reflects a strong desire to connect with nature and create a calming, peaceful environment in our homes. At Cozmo, we are greener than ever, with green featured in almost all our fabric categories, including cottons in meadow and sage, and dark green velvet.

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