Cozmo making headlines

Loved by the world over

"Cozmo invites people to participate in the design process and express their personal style"
“We always try to invent something, whether it’s in the way you use it or in the way you make it”
"You'll fall in love with your sofa all over again"
"Made in the UK, the sofas look set to shake things up at the more affordable end of the market"
"We try to always invent something new"
"The sofas are made by UK manufacturers and thus showcase the country’s grand tradition of upholstered furniture. This solution has allowed the designers to carefully choose fabrics and closely oversee all finishing processes such as the stitching, a decisive detail in making a product that is beautiful, comfortable and fun"
November 2022 Editor's Letter
"We want to be artists who invent the design principle"
"It's all about customisability, and the sofa brand Cozmo is currently leading the way."